We are pleased to announce the release of popupCAD, a design tool which facilitates the development of laminate devices, popup mechanisms, and flat-foldable structures. This project is early in development, and can hopefully be used as a platform for collaboration across labs. If you are someone with a desire to make laminate devices in a slightly new way, or if you're interested in applying your own internal manufacturing rules into a new plugin, I'd be happy to set you on the right path and get them developing new modules specific to your own needs. Currently, this website is just a placeholder for a more advanced front-end we hope to get working over the summer. The plan is to host documentation, tutorials, and training videos, installers for a variety of platforms, etc, as well as a design-sharing section of the site. Currently, there is only a bare-bones site with almost nothing there. Please bear with me. The source code is available, which should currently run on windows, mac, or linux under python 2. Python 3 support might work, although I don't test on it often enough to verify it works. There is also an installer for 64-bit windows, which at this point I wouldn't recommend because I can't help you track down bugs with it. There is some documentation on getting the source code to run on a variety of platforms. And, if you are willing to help, I could use all the documentation help I can get. The software is currently licensed for research and personal use at academic institutions until we work out a longer-term plan for release. As your feedback is important to our decision-making process, we would love to hear whether and/or how you feel you can use this in your own case. Thanks, Dan Aukes danaukes !at! seas.harvard.edu