Pop-up Design Challenge

Evaluation Metrics

100 Total Possible Points

Project Inspiration: 40 points

  • Scientific Contribution: Example questions below.
    • Is this project previously unpublished original research?
    • Is it appropriate for a peer-reviewed scientific journal?
  • Design Contribution: Example questions below.
    • Does this project extend the use and aesthetic possibilities of laminated devices?
    • Is this project designed for an end user or have commercial potential?

Website Documentation: 60 points

  • Introduce the project
    • Team Bios.
    • Outline the concept and inspiration.
  • Describe the iterations of the design. Show the progression of prototypes using things like sketches, dxfs, screen captures of the popupCAD design files, 3D CAD files, paper folded prototypes, etc Document the final manufacturing methods. Provide an understanding of how to produce your device.
    • Describe the challenges to manufacturing your particular design.
    • Describe each step of the manufacturing process.
    • Describe what you had to innovate to make your process work
    • Describe what materials and methods were used to create it, including parts list
    • Pictures and/or videos of the manufacturing steps.
  • Media (integrated into website and separate files submitted).
    • 30-second elevator pitch video of your team and project goal
    • 2-minute project video going over the details of your device and showing functional performance
    • High-definition photos of your final device
    • Renderings, visualizations, and/or simulations
    • Final popupCAD files

Bonus Points: 15 points

  • Checkpoint 1, initial team & mentor, sketches, and description
  • Checkpoint 2, prototype iterations and concepts
  • Checkpoint 3, convergence on a concept and final prototype