Pop-up Design Challenge

Final Submissions

Final submissions will be submitted via team-built websites. Teams pick their own web platform for development and are allowed to restrict public access until the final submission. The team must provide links and login information at the checkpoints (it is ok for the submissions to be very rough, judging does not take place until the final submission). Final submission includes two things: the public-facing web site and hi-res media content (see media list under evaluation metrics). These websites must provide visitors with all the information about their project. Scoring will be based on the minimum documentation requirements listed under evaluation metrics.

All intellectual property remains the property of the submitter.  By submitting your design, however, you give Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering the right to use, remix, post, and share your submitted contest content.  This may be in venues such as promotional emails, posted pictures/videos/design files on the website, etc. 

Please be aware that Harvard has a number of patents in this area.  It is possible that your design may be covered by one of these patents. Harvard encourages not-for-profit research organizations to freely practice these patents for academic research, education and not-for-profit scholarly purposes.  Please contact us if you have any questions about commercial use.