Pop-up Design Challenge


The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering invites you to join the popup design challenge. Researchers, students, teams, and individuals are encouraged to submit original popup-inspired or laminate active devices developed with popupCAD. Examples could include a novel toy design, a life-saving medical device, a new mobile robot, or new types of embedded sensors and actuators that could go in the next big consumer device.


The contest is entirely web-based; announcements will be posted on the website, and emails and newsletters will be regularly sent out to ensure teams stay on track with up-to-date information. Individual entries are permitted, though we encourage you to work in small teams of 2-5 people; if you already have a team assembled for a project-based class, for example, that is great.


Registration is now closed. Sign up to the popupCAD newsletter to find out about the next contest.

Special thanks to the students of Informal Robotics and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.