Mac Anaconda Setup

Download Anaconda

Install popupcad dependencies

  • paste these lines into the terminal. This creates a new environment with all the pacages that popupCAD needs to run
yes | conda create -n popupcad_env python=3.5
source activate popupcad_env
yes | conda install numpy scipy matplotlib
yes | conda install shapely pyopengl sympy scipy pyyaml lxml
yes | pip install pyqtgraph pycollada ezdxf numpy-stl pypoly2tri idealab_tools

Download and Install popupCAD

use these instructions

Run popupCAD

First, activate your anaconda environment you created (you have to do this every time you open a terminal)

source activate popupcad_env

Next, navigate to your popupcad directory:

cd ~/popupcad

Finally, run popupcad


Optional Installs

yes | conda install -c cx_freeze
yes | conda install matplotlib
yes | conda remove pyqt qt

To remove your popupcad environment:

conda env remove -n popupcad_env