Many of these products have not been used or tested by us; we have simply found them during our search for materials. Some have been used by us or others; they may not be compatible with every adhesive system, so you will have to do some experimentation yourself. Please give us feedback if you find a combination or new material that works

Product Supplier    
Carbon Fiber ?    
Fiberglass ACP Sales    
Railroad Board Dick Blick    
Epson Enhanced Matte Posterboard Amazon    
Canon Fine Art Bright White, 330gsm    
Bazic Poster Board, 22 x 28 Inches, Black amazon    
octavia hot mount adhesive amazon gbc  
Drytac Multi Heat Adhesive    
Fastelset epoxy    
VHB Transfer Tapes(various)    
.002” VHB Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive    
Scotch Weld Epoxy Thermoset Adhesives    
Various Double Sided Tapes mcmaster    
Another Good Adhesive Site lamination depot    
Polyester Film    
Nylon seattle fabrics    
Kapton .001”    
Kapton .002”    
18” x 500’, Clear Laminate Roll for Large-Document Laminator mcmaster    
Fibreglast 1678    


Layer Function Recipe 1 Recipe 2 Recipe 3
1. Structural Cardboard Carbon Fiber Fiberglass
2. Adhesive Octiva Pyralux Octiva Hot Mount
3. Flexible Polyester Kapton Nylon
4. Adhesive Octiva Pyralux Octiva Hot Mount