Windows Setup(Source)

Installing the source is not necessary to play with popupCAD in Windows. There is a nice installer for that! But if you want to start developing scripts, plugins, or toosl which use popupCAD, well then you may have to. Here’s how:


  1. (optional)download and install git extensions.
    • install for all users
    • select all sub-programs to install(kdiff, msysgit, and windows credential store).
    • keep putty as default.
    • Other programs will then install.
    • In the git install when it asks about shell integration, select the option which allows git commands and unix commands from the cmd shell.
    • Keep all other options default
    • select a language(english)
    • set your username and password in the git extensions settings window that pops up
  2. Download popupcad source
  3. Download and install Miniconda
    • install for all users
    • select “add to path”
  4. Install a popupcad environment
    1. open up cmd(admin)
conda install pyyaml numpy scipy matplotlib sympy pyqt pyqtgraph pyopengl
conda install -c conda-forge shapely
pip install pypoly2tri ezdxf idealab_tools
  1. Navigate in command to the popupcad folder
cd c:/users/username/subdirectory/(popupcad directory)
  1. to start popupcad, type
  1. Optional:
    • Download Spyder
conda install spyder