popupCAD Manufacturing Design

  1. Merge operation to combine hinge and holes from buffered joined sketch
  2. Clean up intersection of joints (use circles –> sketch and then remove)
  3. Use intersection operation to trim placed joints

  4. Sheet operation - creates the original sheet before subtraction
  5. Scrap operation (select sheet and device) - creates scrap material.

This gives you scrap you can remove from above, below, and both

  1. Support Design (laser, device) - bridges gap between support and gap
  2. Merge final device, scrap, and support to get cut files
  3. Cut line is your release cut, use cut area to check –> subtract from sheet
  4. Identify bodies helps you check connectivity


  1. Export svg –> 1 drawing per layer (open in inkscape)
  2. Export svg –> final cut (get 5 copies)